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Firethorn Wealth Partners is proud to introduce SPARK, a service offering for those new to the world of investing. SPARK combines Firethorn’s expertise with an easy-to-use online platform that makes staying on top of your finances a snap.

SPARK is the perfect onramp to the Firethorn Wealth Partners menu of services, and our team can walk you through new ventures and seasons as you grow with us.

SPARK is an automated investment solution paired with the advice and experience of your Firethorn team. We designed this platform to help investors reach their financial goals by increasing tax-efficiency, automating savings, and utilizing well-researched, low-cost passive investments.

Improving And Simplifying Your Investment Experience

Automated Rebalancing

With regular, automated rebalancing, your asset allocation is set to avoid portfolio drift.

Automated Deposits

Schedule automatic transfers from your checking and savings accounts online

Expert Advice

Regular communication from Firethorn Wealth Partner advisors

Individualized Portfolio

Low-cost ETF portfolios are globally diversified


Live updates on financial goals and progress

Interactive Portal

One click deposits, withdrawals, and asset allocation. Timely and electronic statements

Tax Efficient

Taxes can take a significant bite out of investment returns, but SPARK helps to reduce tax impact through taxless investing and other techniques

No Transaction Costs

Avoid costly commissions on trades. There are no trading fees whatsoever on this platform. Plus, we support fractional shares to maximize every dollar invested

Goals Based Planning

Tools to expand your focus into all aspects of your entire financial life

SPARK is the simplest way for investors to access our portfolios and build wealth with us.

SPARK starts by helping to make it easy for you to stay on track with each goal you identify. SPARK’s intuitive interface allows you to aggregate accounts so you can easily see everything in one place.


Our paperless process makes signup easy. Whether you are a new or existing advisory client, we will work closely with you so you can leverage the SPARK platform quickly and seamlessly.

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