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RPS provides a Best in Class retirement plan experience for your employees. Success in our mission adds tremendous value to employment with your company. Our goal is to provide a participant experience that will create incredible value in the lives of your employees and their families. We want your employees to view your company’s retirement plan as essential to their retirement planning success. 

Our Retirement Services Include

Retirement Plan Design

We will design and manage a plan to meet your organization's goals and objectives. We maintain expertise and knowledge regarding the innovation and evolution in the retirement plan universe.

Our expertise ensures your plan will continue evolving, advancing, and improving. This provides you the confidence to keep your focus on running your business, knowing your employees' retirement wellness is in our excellent care.

Risk Management

The RPS team will be your plan's designated 3(38) fiduciary. We use ERISA rules and safe harbor guidelines to keep your plan compliant, remove risk, and remove conflicts of interest.

We perform these duties quarterly and annually to ensure your plan maintains a proper and compliant path.

Financial Wellness For Participants

RPS creates a retirement plan that helps your employees achieve their retirement goals. A retirement plan offers employees the ability to save. Our job is to help participants know how much they should save, make investment options simple, educate them on important retirement planning topics, create a plan that is easy to understand, and create an environment where changes are effortless.

Financial wellness for your participants is the ultimate goal for your retirement plan. We design our tools and services to improve financial wellness for all your employees continuously.

Ongoing Plan Support

RPS will provide ongoing education, advice, and support to your plan participants.

RPS, as your plan's 3(38), will provide plan level monitoring, objective evaluation of service providers, maintenance of ERISA requirements, knowledge and guidance on the regulatory environment, plan design expertise, plan fee benchmarking, plan health metrics, and more.

The RPS Difference 

We create this unique experience with a double-barreled fiduciary approach. Our team includes credentialed fiduciaries (CFP, CRPS, and CIMA) to work with and guide your participants. RPS also comprises credentialed (AIFA, AIF, and CFP) professionals providing fiduciary services to the retirement plan and your Investment Committee. We deliver tremendous value with an acute focus on plan design and participant experience.


Whether you are a new or existing advisory client, we will explore all investment opportunities that are available for you.

Thank you!