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Our Process

The Pyracantha Process

The Pyracantha Process

Pyracantha (from the Greek words pyr for fire and akanthus for thorn) is a genus of large, thorny evergreen shrubs in the family Rosaceae, also commonly referred to as Firethorn. The Pyracantha is the ideal plant for nesting birds in need of a protected nesting site. In autumn, the Firethorn plant also provides berries to nurture these very same birds. Protect and nurture is how our firm feels about our clients' wealth management experience.

Our team has developed and refined a process to help simplify the complexities of wealth and finance. We call this the Pyracantha Process. Our dynamic and panoramic process helps you look into the future with anticipation instead of apprehension. It consists of a deep discovery process to make certain we have a unique understanding of your goals. We utilize our deep experience to implement best-in-class solutions. We remain vigilant on an ongoing basis to address anything that could jeopardize a successful outcome for your plan.

Initial Meeting

Determine scope of the engagement by understanding the relationship between current personal & financial circumstances and your planning goals.


Analyze your current path and alternative paths to develop recommendations.

Follow-up Meeting

Present recommendations & mutually determine if there is a good fit for both parties and the opportunity to build a productive partnership.


Implement the recommended plan. Set-up Firethorn portal to illustrate goals and aggregate internal & external financial data.


Monitor progress throughout the year. Adjust or pivot to any changes in the client’s financial or personal lives. Update goals, recommendations or plans. Annual Readiness Survey – gives the clients a platform to provide feedback on their Firethorn experience.

Our Philosophy

At Firethorn Wealth Partners, we believe there are many roles that a Professional Wealth Advisor should play for their clients.

Our firm was created to disrupt what many people think of when they hear “investment advisor” or “financial consultant.” We are putting the client at the center of the relationship and removing competing interests in the form of a corporate parent and/or shareholders (publicly owned corporate parent).

Suitability does not equate to putting the client’s best interest first. Most of our competitors still operate in a suitability environment, which may not always result in what is in the best interest of the client. At Firethorn, we hold ourselves accountable to a Fiduciary Standard. This is something that we believe every client should expect and deserve. We operate a transparent and independent business that incorporates all the facets of wealth management into a client’s plan. This creates an environment that fosters long term relationships and successful outcomes.

At Firethorn, We Are:

    We are a privately owned independent investment advisor. Our view is free of the conflicts that come with shareholders and a parent company in a world full of product manufacturers and sales-oriented cultures.
    We provide a unique and transparent assessment of each client’s financial life and goals.
    We teach clients about understanding their goals and what is required for long term success. Education equates to client calmness and stability.
    Building and maintaining a wealth management strategy that is designed to last for multiple generations. The strategy is one that must always evolve and improve with guidance from the engineer.
    Recognizing and advising around the emotions of money through the peaks and valleys of the journey.
    The captain is charged with reinforcing principles and keeping the team on track for success.
    Making sure that strategies and techniques keep the flock moving in the right direction by managing the journey and navigating the ever-changing path to success.


Whether you are a new or existing advisory client, we will explore all investment opportunities that are available for you.

Thank you!