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Wealth and finances can be inherently complex. The financial services landscape is also constantly changing and evolving. We are the central advisor for our clients in a panoramic and dynamic wealth management process. This process will engage solutions in wealth, tax, legal and risk simultaneously. Our clients value the central role that we play in coordinating that process with their other trusted advisors (attorneys, accountants, etc.). Firethorn brings the solutions highlighted below into our Pyracantha Process.

Retirement Income Planning

We create and coordinate a personalized plan of action to achieve your retirement income goals. This plan is established considering income sources, estimated expenses, savings plans and investment management.

Healthcare Planning

We are here to help guide you through your healthcare planning journey whether you are above or under the age of 65. If you are under 65, we will navigate the complexity of group employer plans or individual healthcare options. If you are 65 and over, we will assist you in evaluating the potential 18 different Medicare combinations. We also offer the Firethorn branded Health Savings Accounts for business and individual clients.

Tax Strategy

A comprehensive financial plan must include a component to consider, manage and mitigate tax impact on the plan itself. We will create your plan with tax efficiency as a key component.

Education Planning

We will help you create a goal-oriented strategy to achieve your future education objective(s).

Investment Management

We design a personalized roadmap that will define, implement and monitor your investment portfolio based on your financial plan's goals and objectives.

Estate Planning

We work closely with your legal and tax advisors to create, document, implement and monitor your estate plan. The estate plan must be monitored and evolve over time based on changes to your family and financial circumstances.

Charitable Giving

We help you create tax smart solutions to achieve your family's charitable aspirations.

Trust Service

We provide a competitive edge trust solution for you that allows for separation of investment management responsibilities from fiduciary administrative responsibilities. We will maintain investment management responsibilities with support from Charles Schwab Trust Company of Delaware as the administrative trustee. Our trust solution delivers a local relationship, administrative objectivity and possible tax benefits under Delaware trust law.

Insurance Planning

Your assets are valuable to you, and we will help you protect them. We will analyze the types and amounts of insurance needed to protect your assets and execute your financial & estate plans.

Budget Review

The budget process is critical to reaching your financial goals. We will help you establish, assess and monitor your budget over the life of your financial plan.

Alternative Investments

We provide access to a broad range of non-traditional investments to help improve your portfolio's risk/reward experience. We seek to identify strategies with low to negative correlation to traditional stocks and bonds for possible inclusion in your portfolio.

Personal Banking Advisory

We are an independent wealth management company that is free of the conflicts of interest of being associated with a banking or financial institution. We utilize our extensive prior work experience within the banking system to provide unbiased access to best in class deposit and lending solutions.


Whether you are a new or existing advisory client, we will explore all investment opportunities that are available for you.

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