Scoring Scholarships Over Summer Break

Written by Scott Benjamin

June 14, 2021

Summer break is the perfect time to apply for college scholarships. Summers are free from worry over school, homework, and extracurriculars. You can spend time finding and applying for various scholarship opportunities! Continue reading for more information about applying for scholarships over summer break.

Talk to your Guidance Counselor 

Arrange a meeting with your guidance counselor to discuss how to find the best scholarships for your situation and for any other pertinent information they may have to assist in your tuition aid journey. Your guidance counselor has valuable insight on scholarships and higher-level education, so ask for their help!

Look Regularly 

Check for new scholarship opportunities regularly. A few places to look are on your future university’s website, the College Board website, your high school’s website, and your local news. Checking every week for new scholarship opportunities allows you the ability to plan out each week what scholarships you will be focusing on completing.

Organize by the Deadline 

To ensure you do not miss any deadlines, organize all your scholarships in order of when they are due. Scholarships have varying deadlines from the summer to the fall, to the spring. Make a comprehensive list of all the scholarships you plan on applying to and the deadline so you can properly plan out your applications. You do not want to lose any scholarships just because you overlooked or missed a deadline.

Proofread and Double Check your Work

Double and triple check your scholarship applications. Whether it is an essay or a resume, make sure you go over it several times to make sure it is perfect. Ask a parent or peer for help with the proofreading process. You want to put your best work forward when applying for a scholarship!

Take the SAT and ACT 

Consider taking both the SAT and ACT exams with the amount of extra time you have during the summer break. Having scores for both exams increases the number of requirements you meet to qualify for scholarships. You may have a high enough SAT score for one, but your ACT score is not high enough, having both scores allows you to still apply.

While spending your summer break applying for scholarships may not be the most fun, it can be extremely beneficial. You can score some extra tuition money for college by staying organized and focused. Firethorn is here to help you with our education advisory and consulting practice. Be sure to reach out for any assistance you may need!