Creatively and intelligently managing our clients' path to financial freedom and prosperity.

We Help Solve The Mystery Of Wealth Planning.

We are ready to help you create a plan that considers the three natural phases of your family's wealth from accumulation to distribution and, ultimately, the transfer to the next generation. Our comprehensive services are personalized to your specific financial goals and objectives.

We understand that life gets more complex as your money grows, and we are ready to face those unique challenges with you and your family.

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A Custom Experience

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing our clients’ assets. People are in different shape financially. People also have different goals and responsibilities. We understand this, which is why we create a custom experience for each client. There is no other way to do it if we are, in fact, acting in the best interest of our clients.


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Tax Strategy Review
  • Investment Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Services
  • Insurance Planning
  • Budget Review
  • And much more

We know every client is unique, therefore every relationship and plan is unique.

Communication and Candor

Firethorn is in the relationship business. That means we take great care of people, but we’re also direct, open and honest with our clients. We’ve got nothing to hide and our communications need to demonstrate that point. We’ll make the tough call. We will be approachable and attempt to make every interaction with our audience transparent to build trust and further our relationships. People want to do business with people they like, trust and respect.

We operate an independent business – complete with trust and full transparency.

Protection & Growth

Managing the wealth and financial future of a family is something we take very seriously at Firethorn. We are very aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with the trust that our clients place upon us. We continuously strive to find the right balance of risk and reward for each relationship.

Our team has developed and refined a process to help simplify the complexities of wealth and finance.

Melinda McRee
Melinda McRee
Director of Operations
Melinda McRee
Stacy Sizemore
Chief Compliance Officer

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